Healing Messages of Love

Welcome dear friends.

My intention for this site is to become a vehicle of sharing with you the messages of healing and love received mainly at Abadiania, Brazil where John of God the most famous medium in the world lives and creates miraculous healings.

Most of the messages offered here were received during my visit in Brazil in April 2015 from the entities of the “Casa de San Ignacio”, and they have received Joao’s approval.

“Casa de San Ignacio” is the name of the spiritual center opened in Abadania, Brazil where John of God performs his healings. It comprises a few large rooms where Joao sees groups of people and performs spiritual healings and procedures, gives advice and   offers natural remedies to various illnesses. The Casa is surrounded by a beautiful garden with an outstanding view of the Abadiania valley. It is truly a corner of heaven where miracles happen indeed.

Other messages were received during the many pilgrimages that I have embarked upon to sacred places of power such as Lourdes, Medugorje, Altotting, Korfu, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela, and all along The Way of Saint James – El Camino.

My name is Danielle Nistor, and I was born as a medium. Fifteen years ago, I went on a spiritual pilgrimage to Medugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina where I had a powerful vision of Mother Mary who told me: “Your mission has begun. You are to be my messenger and connect people with my words of support and my divine love for humanity”.

I hope the messages offered here with much love will enlighten your life and heal your body and soul just as they brought me hope, joy, healing and light.

Feel free to share these messages with those in need, specifying the source, and please write to me about your experiences with them.

Please return here often, as I will add more and more messages

Blessings on your journey of love, healing and joy.